Aug. 16, 2023

Books are now available as paperbacks!

You asked for paperbacks, and now you’ve got them! You can find them online at Barnes and Noble or at Amazon. And you can ask your library to order them through Libby, too.

All books are available on Kobo Plus as well. Kobo Plus is an all-you-can-read subscription service like Kindle Unlimited, but cheaper and better for us writers because we don’t have to be exclusive to just one platform. So binge read your favorite series. Binge read all of them. Kobo Plus.

And if you like audiobooks, we’re experimenting with AI-audio through Apple. Apple asked for Second Chance Romances, so try them out and let me know what you think! Start with Rancher Woman. While AI-audio lacks the quality of a human narrator, the price is comparable to an e-book. And for those who find reading challenging, this may help.

I tell stories. And stories require readers! So I’ll continue to provide you with as many options as I can. And don’t forget — you can sign up for Telling Stories newsletters to help you stay up-to-date. Interested? You get a free short-story as well.

Suspense. Romance. Wonder.

  • A newspaper editor in Texas solves mysteries the only way she knows: when in doubt, print. See A Newspaper in Texas mystery series.
  • A paranormal suspense series where wolf shifters walk among us — and a 50-year-old college professor is called to lead the way. Wolf Harbor.
  • A police lieutenant in Alaska who likes, women and fast cars. And the woman who needs him to be something more. Talkeetna mysteries.
  • Mac Davis ran with the gangs, then the Marines taught him how to shoot. Now he’s a cop reporter in Seattle — he’s not sure how that happened. Mac Davis thrillers.
  • Four good friends who have each other’s backs. With that kind of support you might face anything life — or love — throws at you. Second Chance Romances.
  • A college newsroom. A city they love is in turmoil. They face some of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced. Newsroom PDX 2020 suspense series.

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