Mac Davis thrillers

Mac Davis is a good friend. And a deadly enemy.

He once ran with the gangs. Then the Marines taught him to kill. Now he’s a cop reporter in Seattle. He’s not sure how that happened.
Neither are the cops.

He’d like to believe the pen is mightier than the sword. But he carries a Glock in his backpack — just in case.

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Kate Fairchild had been a friend. Well, more than that, Mac supposed. But a friend. And he didn’t have too many of those.
So when she came to him because there was trouble, he listened to her story.
It was the least he could do.

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Mac’s aunt needs a favor. A friend of hers has been sentenced to prison on charges of accessory after the fact — but no one has been charged with the crime itself.

What? Mac says. That can’t be right.
Can it?
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