Wolf Harbor

Wolf Harbor.

A feminist werewolf story.

“A middle aged female protagonist who falls into the world of werewolves. What more could you want?”

— Chet Swanson, Amazon reviewer

Abby Stafford was middle-aged, overweight and burnt-out. A summer spa sounded just like what she needed.

There may have have been some side effects they neglected to mention.

Main Series

Wolf Harbor Rescue

What’s Next?

Book 7 of the main series. Pre-order it now, for release in November!

Girls School
Benny Garrison never expected to be running a boarding school for girls. But here he is, and here they are — and there are more coming daily.

His father is up to something, he fears. The last time that happened, Pol Pot fell.

Cinderella’s godmother had it easy. Any Nordstrom clerk could do that….

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