Book Series

Worlds of wonder

Come, plunge into worlds where things might not be what they seem. Welcome to my worlds! I write suspense — but they come in all different kinds! So let’s get started.

Talkeetna, Alaska.

Paul Kitka likes women, fast cars, and his job as a detective with the Alaska State Troopers. Dace Marshall isn’t sure what she likes — Alaska. She likes Alaska, maybe enough to choose to live. (A police procedural mystery with a Native Alaska police officer.)

Mac Davis Thrillers

Mac Davis ran with the gangs, then he became a Marine. Now he’s a cop reporter. He’s not exactly sure how that happened. Neither are the cops. (A thriller series. Think Jack Reacher becomes a cop reporter in Seattle.

A Newspaper in Texas

Katy Williams came to Texas to be the editor of a newspaper. She expected long hours, low pay, and too-few staff. She wasn’t prepared for murder. But then, Texas wasn’t prepared for Katy Williams either.

Wolf Harbor

Abby Stafford was middle-aged, over-weight and burnt-out. She needed a new lease on life, and a summer at a fitness spa sounded just right. They might not have been completely upfront with all the side effects.

Newsroom PDX

Meet the staff of the student-run newsroom of Eyewitness News in downtown Portland — mostly known for being a bunch of geniuses who couldn’t follow the rules — any rules. Now they are faced with covering some of the biggest challenges of our time: police protests, a pandemic, homelessness…. Not to mention classes, lovers, and life’s challenges.

Second Chance Romances

Meet Marilee, Gail, Angie and Rebecca — four women friends who have each other’s backs. With that kind of friendship, you can take whatever life throws at you. You might even be willing to take a second chance at love.

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