Romantic Suspense. HEA guaranteed.

Second Chance

Meet Gail Tremont. Marilee Dupont. Angie Gregory. Rebecca Jones. Four strong women facing everything life — and love — throws at them them.
Small town, western, contemporary suspense for the romantic in all of us.

Angie Gregory had had a rough couple of years. If it wasn’t for her colleague and friend Marilee Dupont, she wouldn’t have made it.
But Marilee was nothing if not stubborn — and she knew that friends who had your back was the only way to survive what life threw at you.
And Angie obviously needed friends.
So did Gail Tremont. And Rebecca Jones.
Four women friends committed to having each other’s backs. You could survive anything with backup — maybe even take a second chance at love.

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Read them as trilogies? Sure!

Marilee Dupont, rancher, agriculture prof, ring leader.

  • Rancher Woman
  • The Banker
  • A Family Together

Gail Tremont, theater professor, New York City girl now in Idaho, runs Other Voices.

  • Other Voices
  • First Intermission (a novella)
  • The Show Goes On
  • Second Intermission (a novella)
  • The Show Never Ends

Angie Gregory, writer, English lecturer, publicity guru.

  • What She Wrote
  • What She Wrote Next
  • All Kinds of Love

Rebecca Jones, political science prof, ‘most liberal prof on campus.’

  • His Campaign
  • The Summer Lull
  • Her Classroom
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